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Welcome! I'm so glad you are here.  If anyone knows the value of a letter from their dad it's me!

There has never been a better time to write YOUR Legacy Letter than now!

  • Rest easy knowing that if something tragic happened to you, your children will still have your thoughts and guiding voice.
  • Connect and bond with your children even more than you currently are.
  • Give your children everything they need to be confident and successful in life. 
  • ​You'll leave your children with an amazing legacy. 
  • ​Make your children feel like a million bucks! Who takes the time to write a well thought out meaningful letter anymore?  A dad who loves his children and that's exactly what they will feel the moment they read it!
Helping dads write a Legacy Letter is a great idea! 
I wish you the best of success in it! 
Robert Lewis
Founded Men's Fraternity
Reached 1 Million Men

 I don't want to only inspire and motivate you to write a letter, I want your letter to have maximum impact which is why I'm giving you this FREE PDF.  

It's also why I have developed the Legacy Letter Challenge - a video coaching course to help you write your letter.

I promise that I can help you write a better letter than if you wrote it by yourself.  And if not, I'll give you ALL your money back!    

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With my dad as the coach, Saturdays were a family affair!

May 23, 2003 my dad lost his life at Hanauma Bay.  It was also the day I discovered his letter.