If Something Tragic Happened Today Would 

3 Hours After My Dad Tragically Died My Mom Put Something In My Hand That Literally IMPACTED THE REST OF MY LIFE!


In May of 2003, right after my freshman year of college, my family and I took off on a once in a life time trip to Hawaii.  On our first day there we decided to go snorkeling at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world...


But I Could Have Never Predicted What Was Going To Happen Next...

My dad and I got caught up in a rough area of the bay called Witches Brew. My Dad started yelling for help and before I knew it, he was under the water!  


Despite My Best Efforts To Save My Dad, He Died In My Arms...

It went from one of the best days of my life to the worst days of my life in a matter of minutes! 

Just a few hours later back at the condo, as I was weeping, mourning, and at a complete loss,
 my mother walked into my bedroom and handed me something.  


"The Last Few Months Your Dad Was Working On Something For You Guys And He Just Finished It Before Our Trip."

"...Here is yours..." 

"...He brought it on this trip to give it to you."
"Your dad had no idea when he was working on this that he would be gone this soon!" 


My Dad Had Written Me A LETTER!!!

He had no idea these would be his final words to me.  I read the letter and I wept.

In that letter my dad shared how much he loved me, insights, wisdom, encouraging words on how to navigate life, and most importantly a charge to stand strong in my faith!

That letter become my dad's legacy and it absolutely changed my life!


Now I Am On A Mission!

I am on a mission to help 1 MILLION DADS write their own LEGACY LETTER!  I will spend the rest of my life doing everything I can to get as many dads as I can to do what my dad did for me!

Introducing The...

Legacy Letter

Fathers EVERYWHERE Are Joining 
The LEGACY LETTER Challenge!
Don't Wait Another Day To Start Writing Your Letter...

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I'm Forever Grateful For The Gift My Dad Gave Me...
Here's What My Dad's Letter Did For Me...
  • I KNEW HE LOVED ME: I knew that the moment I was handed the letter and my mom said had been working for a while.  Of course he loved, he took several months of his life to write me this letter.  Knowing my dad loved me gave me the confidence I needed.
  • HE AFFIRMED ME:  My dad would not have shared the things he did if he didn't believe in me and my siblings.  He was proud of us. 
  • IT ENCOURAGED ME:  My dad shared several things with me that were very important to him and great advice on how to live my life.  To this day I'm still living by the "rules to live by" that my father shared. 
  • IT'S LASTING:  My dad died 18 years ago but he is still guiding me to this day through the letter.  I go back to the letter and each year and phase of my life it has new meaning. 
  • POINTED ME TO GOD: I had good dad but not a perfect dad.  Ultimately what my dad did with his letter was to point me to our perfect Father in Heaven. 
How Much Would Your Children Give to Have A Letter Like This From You?
Sounds awesome but I don't have time right now...
Let me very blunt with you.  You don't have time to NOT start writing this letter NOW.  When my dad started writing his letter he had no idea that he was in his last days on this planet.  Nobody knows when their last day is.

My dad worked on his letter to us for several months.  I have no idea exactly what he "gave up" during that time but I GUARANTEE you that it was absolutely worth it!  

There's nothing more valuable that he could have done with his time than write us that letter. 
I'm In! But I Don't Need Any Help.
I've never met a dad who didn't see the value in writing a Legacy Letter but most dad's never write it.  

Why?  There are lots of good reasons but part of the value you'll receive, is that when you sign up is you'll only have accountability to actually FINISH the letter. 

But the main value of the course is that we will help you to make your letter have the impact that you want it to have.   

I've met several people over the years who had received a letter from their father but it didn't quite have the impact because their dad didn't put that right elements into it that a child absolutely WANTS and NEEDS to hear.

Sadly, one dad's letter totally missed the mark and his letter was useless because he didn't know how to apology correctly.
Do I Really Want To Pay Money For This?
How much do you think I would pay for my dad's letter?   

You can't even put a price on it...IT'S INVALUABLE!  

If you're children don't cherish and love the letter that we are about to help you write, then we'll absolutely give you all your money back and then some!

It's not about the money.  We priced it to be affordable but if you need help, we would absolutely love to help you so your children can receive a Legacy Letter.   

Just email info@theendurance.org and let us know you need a scholarship.  No questions asked.    


Legacy Letter Challenge

My Dad Didn't Have 
 Almost everyone I meet says "more".  Of course, who wouldn't want that?
  • ​There are 3 things that every child needs to hear from their dad:  Most of us don't even know these three things and the ones that do struggle in knowing how to communicate it them.
  • ​Every person wants and needs guidance:   Did you know that children will follow their father's guidance before anybody else's?  Most of us have never stopped to think exactly what are the "rules to live by" for our children.
  • No Dad is perfect:  Sometimes we think that because of our shortcomings that our children won't listen to us anymore.  That's the furthest thing from the truth! 
  • There's a disconnect: Most dads love and are proud of their children.  But sometimes we don't know how to communicate that properly it leaves our children unsure. 
Are You Currently Providing For Your Children With Everything They Need?
  • ​The #1 contributing factor to a person's identity is their father:  What your think of your child, or more importantly what your child thinks you think about them, can be the #1 factor in who they are and become.   
  • When a child doesn't feel connected to their father:  Bad things happen.  Almost all people in prison never connected with their dad.  Some people "have it together" on the outside but inside they are in the turmoil because of a missed connection with their father. 
  • ​There are no neutral conversations: Dads are so powerful in a person's life that every conversation, interaction, and event is either a net positive or a net loss. Every word you say has the power to wound or heal, crush or inspire. 
  • It's never too late:  It's never too late for a father to connect with their children and share with them what they NEED and WANT to hear.  
You Already Have Everything You Need To Connect With Your Children at The Level They Need.
And I'd Love to Help You Do It!
I'm on a mission to help 1 Million fathers in the next 10 years connect at the level their children need...
In 4 short weeks I will help you write a letter that you'll be proud of and that your children will absolutely cherish forever!

Here's Everything That You'll Receive...

#1: The Prep Course

($289 value)

This 5 lesson prep course helps you get your mind and heart in the right spot to start writing. 

When you hand a letter to your children that you worked on for over a month, it's going to carry some weight...which is what we want!  So you want to make sure your mind is in the right spot before you start writing. 
During these powerful lessons we'll talk about our own fathers, the power of forgiveness, the vision we have for our children and family, and exchanging stories that don't serve us and our family with stories that do. 

#2: The Writing Course

($319 value)

 This is the meat of the challenge.  For 4 straight weeks we'll write and craft a letter together. 

Lessons include: "How Write the 3 Things Your Children Absolutely Need to Hear From You", "Memories: Which Ones Do I Include?", "How to Share Apologies and Regrets", "Rules to Live By".
Every Monday I'll go "LIVE" with the teaching and assignment for the week.  You can join live or watch the recording. 

#3: Final Touches Course

 ($289 value)

During this section we'll put the finishing touches on the letter and discuss how you are going to give your letter.  

Everyone is different on how they want to give their letter.  Some dads are writing to their newborn so they want to put it away for later.  Some dads have adult children and want to give it to them right away.  Some dads want to do it as Christmas gift. 
You'll decide when and how you want to give it to your children during this section. 
And If You Sign Up Right Now We'll 
Throw In Some Exclusive Bonuses! 

5 Day FatherUp Challenge

 ($97 value)

October 26th-30th

Each morning you'll wake up to a new challenge that will help you connect with your children.  It will be simple, easy, and life changing!
At noon each day we'll have special guest interview from a famous father. 
Special guests include OU Sooner/Dallas Cowboy Coach Barry Switzer, World Series Champion and 7 Time All-Star Matt Holliday, MLB Manager of Year Clint Hurdle, Robert Lewis who is the author of Men's Fraternity which has impacted over 1 million men, and "The Mentor" Keith Kochner

Letter Writing Mastermind

 ($389 value)

Exclusive access during the challenge.

Each week during the challenge you'll be able to come together with fathers writing their letter to discuss that weeks teaching and how it specifically applies to you and your letter. 
This will be through zoom and we'll break into smaller "rooms."
You'll be able to ask for feedback on your letter as well as get ideas from other fathers. 

Expert Interviews

($289 value)

I've interviewed some amazing leaders with a broad range of expertise that is beneficial to all fathers.

Jonathan "JP" Pokluda - Welcome to Adulting author
Josh McDowell - author of 150 books! We discussed the effects of pornography on the brain. 
Marshall Gordon - "Having a Winning Mindset"
Hunter Henry - NFL Tight End of LA Chargers
Rodney Wright - "How to Talk To Your Kids About Sex"
Ted Shimer - The Freedom Fight founder | "Overcoming a porn habit"
20+ expert interviews for fathers!
Your Legacy Letter Will Be
Cherished by Your Children.
The PROCESS Will Be 
Unbelievable For YOU!
 Secure A Spot In Your Last Chance to 
Write a Legacy Letter in 2020!
We'll start writing NOVEMBER 16th! 
But Start The Prep Course Today!

If you are not satisfied with the value you think that should have received then we'll absolutely return your money. 

Here's Everything You Get Access 
to When You Register...

Legacy Letter Challenge

  • Legacy Letter Prep Course....($289 Value!)
  • Legacy Letter Writing Course...($319 Value!) 
  • Legacy Letter Final Touches...($289 Value!)
Plus the Amazing Bonuses!

  • The October 5 Day FatherUp Challenge:....($37 Value)        
  • Legacy Letter Mastermind ($389 Value)
  • Exclusive Expert Interviews ($289 Value)
And Your Children Will Get...

  • ​A Letter They Will Cherish Forever:.....  (Priceless!)
  • ​Connection with their Dad in a Deep, Lasting Way:........ (Priceless!) 

Total Value: $1,612!

Register today for $147!!

*Writing Starts November 16th*

But get started today on the prep course!

Do you have a group?: We offer group discounts if you have 4 or more guys! Email info@theendurance.org for more info!
Money can't be the reason: Let us know you need a scholarship, no questions asked. Email info@theendurance.org 




Host | Challenge Guide

Blake is on a mission to help 1 MILLION Dads write at least  one well written, meaningful, lasting Legacy Letter to their children.  

As CEO and founder of TheEndurance.org and the LegacyLetterChallenge.com, Blake's mission is to empower father's to connect with their children, lead their families, and run their God-given race with endurance. 
Blake has three children under 5. He absolutely loves being a father.  As he leads his family and his children, he draws from many mentors, but none more important than his late father Larry Brewer. 


I finished my letters to my children, and...wow.  One of the best experiences I have ever had.  Shed a few tears along the way, but the words just flowed.  I cannot thank you enough for doing this; it is something that all dads need to do. 

James Travis

Denver, CO
"I signed up for the Legacy Letter Challenge not only because I know my children need this letter from me, but also because this course helped me to organize my thoughts and feelings of how I want to lead my children."

Wes Henry

Dallas, TX
"I am very grateful for Blake and the Legacy Letter Challenge.  Blake helped me craft a letter that was in my words, was my thoughts, and was exactly what my children needed. 

Matt Pace

Springfield, MO
"The Legacy Letter Challenge helped me to connect with my children in a way that I never thought possible." 

Craig Boone

Jonesboro, AR


Should I wait until my kids get older?
Absolutely not! We've helped Dads write their Legacy Letters to their unborn first child! First of all, you never know when your last day on this planet is, so you better get some words down A.S.A.P.!  Second, even if you live a long healthy life,  this letter will only become more precious as they get older.

Is it too late to write a Legacy Letter?
Trust me, it's never too late to write a Legacy Letter.  I was recently talking to a friend in their 50s whose father had just died. They said, "Man I wish I had a letter like that from my father."
I'm not sure I have enough time.
I'm not sure what's on your schedule currently, but there is NOTHING that is more valuable than this letter. My dad took several months to craft the letter to me and my siblings.  I'm not sure how many hours it took him or what he "gave up" to write the letter, but I promise you with every ounce in my body that his investment of time into our letter was more valuable than anything else he could have been doing.
What if I'm not a good writer?
Doesn't matter at all.  We'll help you craft a great letter that's in your words.  The real reason it doesn't matter is because your children won't care. Trust me on this one!  They'll take a poorly written letter from their father before no letter at all!
How long will it be?
This is up to you.  It could be as little as one page or things might start really flowing for you and you might have multiple pages.  It's really up to you! We'll make sure that you get all of the necessary elements in the letter to have maximum impact but the number of words you use is up to you!
When will I give my letter to my children?
That's up to you and we'll talk through this in one of the lessons.  Some dads want to give it right away, some wait until Christmas or a birthday, and some dads want to put it away to find letter. 

About Larry Brewer...

My Dad, Larry Clinton Brewer ,was a tight end for the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs during the 1966, 1967, 1968, and 1969 football seasons.

At Louisiana Tech my dad served as one of two main receivers for Terry Bradshaw.
He had the privilege of catching the first collegiate touchdown pass thrown by Bradshaw. 

After being drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, my Dad was initially given a two-year contract, but he left the team after sustaining an injury at training camp. He was picked up by the Saints but re aggravated his injury shortly after. 

"I loved your father...I'll never forget the impact he had on my life...and your Dad had the greatest laugh."  

Terry Bradshaw

My Dad and two other teammates - Terry Bradshaw and Tommy Spinks - were invited to meet with President Nixon in the Oval Office. 
In 1983 I was born and I made my Dad...a Dad!
I have so many great memories with my Dad during my developing years.  We wrestled, we laughed, we prayed together each night, we played board games together like chess, we camped, we fished, we did it all!
My Dad coached me in little league football for several years. 
Game days were a family affair!
Allen, TX 1994
In 2001, during my senior year of high school, a year before my father drowned, my parents took me to New Orleans to watch my favorite team play.

 This was a special trip!
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